Tuesday, March 23, 2010

As a wife, busy mom of two and part time worker I'm always trying to find time for hobbies. Recently I've taken to sewing and started making my own handbags (what woman doesn't like a new handbag). I started getting requests from friends and family to make them a handbag so the thought occur ed "Why not combine something I love into a way to provide a little extra income for my family." I have always loved being artistic and crafty, whether it's scrap-booking, card making, baking or sewing as long as I can find a way to express myself.

So why William & Ethel?? Family is an important part of my life and I wanted to incorporate as many family members as possible, so each handbag, clutch, wallet or invitation shape is named after a male member in my family. All the fabric or paper used has a female members name. I was pretty sure none of the grand kids would be using my Grandmothers' name, Ethel, as a namesake and I wanted to someone how use it in something I did. The male and female aspect carried though into the name of my little project....William & Ethel...William being the name of my Grandfather and Ethel is the name of my Grandmother.

Please take a look around, I'm always adding new items and fabrics. If there is something you would like to order please feel free to e-mail me williamandetheldesigns@gmail.com or just leave a comment.


  1. Yeah Lindsay!!! I love that you are so creative and am always impressed with what you make. One of these days I am going to "order" something from you - probably long after you are famous ;)

  2. I have seen a few of the purses in person and they are even WAY more fabulous then they look here. The fun fabrics are the highlite and they feel much nicer than the same ole leather bags. Mostly they are so unique...we will be cool wearing one of these william and ethel's around town. Fun!!